Billet Air Ride Set-up for Softail Models, 2018 & Up

Offered in TWO SWITCHES, Front and Rear Air Ride.  Middle Hole will be left blank to add the Electric Center Stand Switch from AF Kustoms M8 Electric Center Stand.  



M8 Billet Air Ride Setup Chrome or Gloss Black

Two Air Ride Switches placed  in M8 Housing,Center Stand Switch comes with Softail Center Stand 

Rubber Boot

33" of Harness ready to install


M8 Air Ride Set-up for Softail Models, 2018 & Up

    1. Apply fuse holder. (Not provided)
    2. Apply heat to heat shrink area to bend harness in position and to prevent damage to switches.
    3. Must leave slack in wire for motor vibration.  Failure to do so will cuase damage or seperate switches from housing.  
    4. If your adding your rubber boots, apply blue loctite.
    5. Never leave wires exposed.