With invention of our softail center stand we found ourself needing a 4th hole switch mount. We developed this mount for those running shot gun rear air ride ( 2 switch system), front air ride and now center stand switch. Although, it was desigined for the softail we have used it for a variety of applications on touring models. Some may have front and rear air along with a center stand and under lights. Whatever the situation, we can configure the style of switch/opperation to your exact needs.

SKU: 5006-B             GLOSS BLACK

SKU: 5006-C             CHROME

This product will only come with 3 toggle switches. Safety Valve switch will NOT be included.


We also sell the boot for the Safety Valve Switch, $7.  

Safety Valve Capable,Billet Air Ride 3 Switch, SV not Included

    1. Apply fuse holder. (Not provided)
    2. Apply heat to heat shrink area to bend harness in position and to prevent damage to switches.
    3. Must leave slack in wire for motor vibration.  Failure to do so will cuase damage or seperate switches from housing.  
    4. If your adding your rubber boots, apply blue loctite.
    5. Never leave wires exposed.